Yipiee…. I am a Magento Master! Am I?

Last year, the Magento Masters were awarded for the first time. Far away in Las Vegas. In this way, Magento recognize the „top individual contributors.“. 20 Masters were found. Mentors, Makers and Movers. I knew quite a few of the Masters 2016. Each of them deserves it.

The message arrived early in the morning. Told me, that I should receive a Master badge 2017 as award for my commitment in community projects.

First thought:

[nothing. Sheep mode. Only staring.]

Second thought:
[Looking behind me, if someone with the same email address, name or sheep face is standing behind me]

Third thought:
[Time to answer the question of my husband: „Everything okay?“]

Fourth thought:
[Smiling. Bleating.]

Since then, I booked a few hotel rooms and flights, ordered a new passport and an international driver licence and filled up the ESTA form.

Yesterday it was officially announced. That was a great moment.

To be honest – I envy Sherrie. She (and a few others, I know) is looking for people, who are very involved in the community. All Magento Masters I know are very friendly, strongly committed and selflessly. She has (and did) a great job… I’m sure, that everyone has a sheep face, the moment she told them about the „master plan“. So basically she creates sheeps.

I am excited about the following year as a Magento Master and I look forward to see many of the the others at the Imagine.

In my opinion the Magento Master program is a great applause for the community itself and I am very proud to be a part of it.


  1. Haha, great read. Congratulations first of all. And don’t forget: Sheep create a lot of wool which keeps you warm in wintertime!

  2. Congratulations, Carmen! So excited to recognize you as a Magento Master this year and hear more of your insights along the way!

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