#MagentoImagine2017 or 62 things I’ve never known/done/mentioned before…

Before journey

(1) Filling out an ESTA-form is not that easy, as I thought. Errors will be punished by switching the country of birth, my address occurs this switch several times. 3x ö, 1x ß.

(2) Wearing black makes it easier to travel with a light pack, so you don’t have any stress stowing an award on the way back.

(3) Getting married means, that you need a new passport. The production of passports takes a very long time. If you want to travel to the USA you need a passport. There is a correlation between these three sentences.

During journey

(4) First thing, I earned from Imagine: legroom neurosis.





(5) I want this bus for all the food and the stuff at the MageUnconference.


(6) The best public restrooms I’ve ever seen are at the Iceland airport.

(7) Denver… exits.


(8) Because of @benmarks I learned how to activate geotagging on twitter (he’s stubborn!)

(9) Three ore more stones on top of each other are a kind of breadcrumbs navigation in the wilderness.

(11) Driving vehicles with automatic transmission is not that simple and intuitive as I thought. This became VERY clear after I got behind the wheel. (I had a feeling of friendship the moment they let me drove nevertheless).

(12) American and Germans have different opinions of big cars.

(13) Germans would have never allowed that someone sits that near at the abyss. The child in me likes that, the mother im me not.

(14) The USA has a lot of iron.


(15) Sometimes „not charging“ means „never charging again“. Please hold on for a minute and say goodbye to „Kahmsminimäck“ and perhaps goodbuy to „Kahmsminimäck2“.


About the USA

(16) There is a lot of space in the USA, exept on „The Strip“ (one reason to come back: I want to know what they are building behind the under-construction curtain..)

(17) Starbucks is everywhere.

(18) It’s easier to understand „Carmen“ than „Magenta“ at Starbucks (or „Endy“ or „Nicolie“). (I don’t earn any money from Starbucks for mentioning them, maybe I should switch to Inchoo…).

(19) The landscape is VERY varied and impressive.

(20) Till today, I haven’t understood, how to tip the waiter. I need @lfolco to configure my tax and checkout calculation sometimes.

(21) Water contains a lot of chlorine. There is a theory that tthis is the reason for the white teeth of so many American people.

Las Vegas

(22) German beer costs more than 10 Dollar.

(23) It’s true, that the air is perfumed in Las Vegas. (I really recommend this article, unfortunately only in German: http://www.zeit.de/2017/13/las-vegas-kasinos-drogen-urlaub-mafia-tourismus)

(24) It’s not possible to find a place without noise.

(25) I really liked the awakening and the beautiful views.


(26) Most people are carrying beverages with them.

(27) Many woman are wearing bikinis or wedding dresses.

(28) I also want to construct a hotel in Las Vegas. (Did I mentioned, that I like Hello Kitty?)


(29) Brent Peterson is tall.

(30) Brent Peterson isn’t smiling the whole time.

(31) Running downhill is easier than uphill (okay, I already knew that before…)

(32) I wasn’t sure, if we’ll ever be seen again after entering this cave…

(33) I’ve been fighting for many years for a #MageCarneval at Cologne… perhaps there are some interested after this run…


(34) Wynn. ends with a dot, Encore not.

(35) The carpets are a bit different from euopean carpets.

(36) The only purpose of some things is being the backdrop of photos. One day, for one day I only want to take picutres from people, who are taking pictures from people in front of this.


(37) Once entering a restroom, you are never willing to leave it again.

(38) Sockets are hard to find everywhere in the world.



(39) The important day is day 2. Therefore searching for the keynote ends at day 2.

(40) Ben Marks is a musician.

(41) I didn’t met Mark Lavelle before. A very pleasant surprise.

(42) Partys are ending EXACTLY ON TIME.

(43) Many new Magento employees were on stage, and I was wondering, if „able to entertain“ has been a job requirement.

(44) How many calories does @JC_Climbs burns per day?

(45) Her arms, her dress and what @JessicaHerrin ‏ said AND the way she said it was impressive. The best woman on stage for me.

(46) Magento sells a shirt with the print „Magentot“. If this would be a german word, this means „Stomach dead“. Confusing.

(47) Beta version of a security scan tool for Magento installation has been released. Wohoo….

(48) Magento Enterprise Edition becomes more and more B2B.

(49) The Community becomes more and more important. (Picture by (c)@daim2k5).

(50) Me and and a few others became Magento Masters. (10 Makers, 3 Movers, 7 Mentors)

(51) I’ve stolen a placeholder.

(52) James Zelten is a man who performs arguments and seeks dialogue with the community (A few minutes, I’ve been a bit confused about his eyeslashes at the LEGENDARY party, but the reason was located near the entry).

(53) Hottest topics furthermore: Magento Social, Magento Shipping, Advanced CMS, Business Intelligence.

(54) Diversity means not only a gender discusstion, but rather a discussion about openness in many ways.

(55) I very much regret that I haven’t taken a picture from the other side of this picture.

(56) Round tables at the Dev Exchange were well used and the concept was great.

(57) Before the Imagine, I didn’t know, that Lamas and dogs are a new currency.

(58) Magenta is also a wonderful color.

(59) Black is also a wonderful color.

(60) Tststs….

(61) The food, the weather and the smiles were amazing.

(62) I was especially pleased to meet all the other Magento Masters IRL, in particular Andra and Alessandro. Looking forward to seeing you all again!


If you really want to READ something more about the Magento Imagine 2017, you find a few more words here:


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