MageUnconference 2017 #mageUC17

I guess, that most countries have a saying like „you cannot dance at two wedding-parties“. I’ll create a new saying: „you cannot participate in your own event“. On the one hand, it’s so great to see how the MageUnconference arises and grows, on the other hand it’s a great pity not to listen to a single session.

For this reason I’m extremely curious about the blogposts, which will hopefully be published in the next days. So: PLEASE WRITE BLOGPOSTS!!! I’ll read them. ALL. I’ll absorb them. ALL. They are my chance to attend the MageUnconference in another way…

Nevertheless, I talked to people (even if they had no voice). And I talked to people, I’d never talked before. And I read tweets.

In doing so, I found out some things…..

  • Hello Kitty is not only liked by me very much (and dressed up very good)
  • The shirts look great on photos (even if not everyone has jumped for orange from the shirt (this is also a german saying, 1:1 translated))
  • It’s possible to oversleep a conference
  • Google don’t know a short footpath from Startplatz to Feuerwache.
  • In between even the sun won against the everlasting grey clouds (for a few minutes)
  • I misspelled „rice“
  • There already exists one Magento 2 Certification (provable by shirt)
  • The sessions were great and ranged widely

But there is no lack of Magento Events, where I can meet, learn and drink… So I hope to see you all again this year, maybe in Leipzig or Las Vegas, or…

My keyword collection for this year:

(1) stacks





(2) food





(3) changes of perspective





(4) memories





I’m looking forward to being a part of the best orga team ever in 2018!

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