Review – Git Merge 2017

„Belgium is a wonderful city“.

True or false?


I traveled from Cologne to Brussels to attend a conference named „Git Merge“.

Reasons to do so (in order of happenings):

  • The silence in Thalys trains.
  • The wifi connection in Thalys trains.
  • The loudspeaker announcement in Thalys trains (especially all versions of „Aachen“).
  • Visiting Brussels.
  • Attending a conference, I never attend before.
  • Hear something new about Git.

    „Git Merge“ is a conference, presented by Github. It lasts two days. One workshop day, one conference day. I might have missed that there was a need to sign up for the workshop day – so I missed it.

    But anyway. I really like Thalys trains. And Belgium is a wonderful city, you know.

    There are Brussels things, I don’t understand:


    and things I understand very well:

    What to say about my first contact with „Git Merge“?

    Primarily „Git Merge“ is a community conference.
    Around 250 participants took part in the venue „The egg“, listened to 10 breakout sessions in one track. Sessions were 30-minutes inclusive of Q&A.


    21% of the speakers were female and one of them has a big heart.


    I liked this topic: „Git: The Tool Loved and (sometimes) Feared“. That’s a good subject – and the same with Magento. She (Caren Valeria) said, that if you are new in anything, focus on basics, assure that nothing is fatal and practice! practice! practice. That’s my Magento 2 plan.

    The session I liked the most, was one of the first. Carlos Nieto from Github talked about the top ten worst repositories to host on GitHub.


    It’s kind of funny, that this makes 250 people laugh:


    I never expect, that something like that could exist. And so does Carelos Nieto.



    I have to mention two things:

    1. the decoration was very impressive. The „Branch theme“ was consistently applied – even on the floor were colored lines that lead the way to the rooms.

    2. The attendees were pink. Me too. I love that!



    What I will take with me from „Git Merge“

    Some quotations like „things you miss when you working remotly: humor“.

    The search for good git jokes.

    The insight, that I probably know nearly 2% about Git.

    The insight, that I will probably will never learn more, als long as I work as freelancer in a small team, because I don’t have a good reason to use – for example – scripts:


    And finally two pictures I take at every conference: coffee and the ladies room…



    See you next year…


    git branch -D gitmerge2017

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