Recap of the Dutch Meet Magento 2015 #mm15nl

Being on the dutch Meet Magento is almost like being on a spaceship and the „Polar Room“ is the bridge.


But let’s start at the beginning:
This year the substantial difference between the german and the dutch Meet Magento was that the trains start running again. Yeah, it was possible to reach Utrecht by train! But as a result of that I shared my destiny with many others: not knowing how to get out of „Utrecht Centraal“…


I missed day one, so I can’t say anything about the the sessions or the food or the temperature in the polar room at the first day…

I arrived in the morning of „Day One“ and was so happy to see Utrecht again, that I hugged every house and tree and bike and bridge and person and Miffy I met. I’m only able to say ‚I’ve been there…‘ if I ran a few kilometers, so that’s what I did after hugging.


After hugging and running I met the other „Magentos“ at the Pre-Party. Many Germans were there at the „Stairways to heaven“ (a phenomenon of stairs in Utrecht: you need small feets to look good, when you use them).


It was a warm evening, the beer, the (aquarium) fishes, the snacks and the snack-providers were amazing, and it was a lovely idea to „hide“ gifts. Thanks for my new XXL-Shirt, that now my daughter uses as a very cute nightdress.


Next morning (28th of May). I followed the orange way and found the venue, got my nameplate, got a (good) coffee and said goodby to the blue sky and hello to the windowless spaceship.


What is there to say about the conference?

1) It was great, that so many talks were in english!
2) The sessions took place in six different rooms, so that the participants had a big choice. Many of the presentations were very good (especially those from the Austrian people), and some of them were advertising too much. If you want to know more about all the presentations or download the slides:
3) The future of Magento Inc. (not only of Magento 1.0) was a subject of the Keynote of Kathleen Claes – unsure but excited, in short form.
4) The venue was great (except the lack of daylight), right next to „Utrecht Centraal“ (if you find a way out) and equipped with an Internet connection
5) The food was – soft, but not warm and not a large range…

But – what do you expect from a confernece like this?

1) meet people, you already know, again (done).
2) meet people, you’ve never known before (done).
3) meet people, you’ve known not that way before (done, a „tack“ to Rouven at this place).
4) learn something new (done).
5) learn something different (done).
6) Mage::run(‚mm‘, “15nl‘);
7) Want to come again (done).
8) Took some impressions with you (done).

Which impressions did I took with me?

Very very many hand signals were used. What about paper-hand-flags next year?
Ben Marks says: „This year Magento 2 is coming“. (paper-hand-flags can also be used now)
Ben Marks says: „Magento 2 is very fun“. (paper-hand-flags can also be used now)
Most of all the answers of any-questions-questions started with „Good question…“
You need a warm jacket for the polar room. (shaking paper-hand-flags can hold you warm)

Bye bye Utrecht, bye bye Meet Magento, bye bye Meet Magento Winners & Team and bye bye Miffy.





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